Kawuneeche Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park

These paintings reflect my love for the landscape, from the charms of my native Missouri, to the grander wonders of the American West and Southwest. Hopefully they communicate with viewers how I think and feel about what I see. My painting style is strongly influenced by the Impressionists. I don’t try to imitate what a camera does. I want my brushstrokes to show up with an abstract beauty of their own. Contrasting colors are often placed side by side to simulate the pulsating vibrancy of sunlight and atmosphere. In terms of inspiration, I find myself thinking of God the creator as my brush traces along the visual pathways of His handiwork. I am increasingly overwhelmed with the beauty and nourishing suitability of our natural environment. I want my paintings to function as responses to Him -- two-dimensional, silent hymns of praise. I also want to bring out the “echoes of Eden” that beckon to us from behind the thorns of our sin cursed world, inviting us to return to Him.