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Independence, Missouri, historic homes, plein air painting
Come and Welcome (the Hughes House)
acrylic on paper
5x7 inches

This historic home stands on Main Street, south of the square, in Independence Missouri. It is still owned by my 6th grade teacher. She shared her passion for Missouri history with us, taking us by bus on a field trio to see various historic sites and homes in the area. I remember once when she assigned us an art project with flowers as a subject. I considered this a cruel and unusual assignment because I wanted to draw rockets, dinosaurs, and super heroes as usual. I rebelled by transforming the flowers into man-eating plants. She should be happy to know that after 56 years, I am finally secure enough in my manhood to celebrate the God given beauty of flowers.

I have a lot to learn about this new medium of fluid acrylics (and rendering architectural subjects!), but am enjoying it. I like the freedom to layer up over dry layers of paint without turning the subject into a gooey, oily blur. I am starting to rediscover the use of glazes and scumbles. White buildings make great light reflectors too.


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