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This is another painting of fishermen at Meramec Spring Park, in the Misouri Ozarks. I spent a few days there last fall, camping, plein air painting, and taking photos. (You can see the small 6x8 study I did there in the "Small Works" section of the "Portfolio" on my web site.) I only looked at the small painting a little for inspiration, feeling, and basic composition. I focused on my photos, memory, and what was developing color-wise in my new painting as I painted this one in the studio. (I have found that for me, trying to repaint a smaller photo larger, trying to copy my original fresh response again, is an emotional and aesthetic dead end. It's kind of like trying to re-live a past spiritual experience.) I liked the variety of colors and reflections in the rushing and calm water areas, and the way the fisherman is sort of hidden in the darker left space, with his head breaking the shadow line under the middle distance fallen sycamore.

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impressionist angling painting meramec spring park
A Perfect Perch
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
11x14 inches